Property Program

A Recognisable Difference for Property Owners and Managers

We offer experienced technical expertise, across a broad spectrum of Property and Business Interruption risks, including BI contingency covers.

We are underwriting a comprehensive portfolio of risks, within the UK, Europe, Australia and Canada. We work alongside MGAs, Binders, Facilities or Programmes that have a spread of risk at geographic level with limited Catastrophe Perils exposure.

Property and Business Interruption

We work with our partners to develop bespoke solutions to meet the ever changing needs within the commercial market place. Although our primary focus is within the Property and Business Interruption sector we can consider commercial combined propositions which are property biased.

We take a collaborative approach in identifying and understanding the challenges from new and emerging risks, allowing us create unique products for our sectors.

Our Property and Business Interruption business is written through a variety of distribution channels in the UK, Overseas, and via Lloyd’s brokers.


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The ProSight Difference

We believe in a different approach to insurance – one that will outcompete and outperform in the industry. With a focus on select niches, we deliver deep expertise, responsiveness to customer needs, and continuous innovation. It’s what we call the ProSight Difference – and its success has been proven again and again, through market-leading growth, loss performance and brand leadership.