Film and Entertainment Program

Let Us Entertain You

Whether you’re producing a documentary in Myanmar, running a Pete Dye golf course, or shooting a commercial with drones in L.A., the end goal for any media or leisure company is to entertain, delight and captivate. No matter what your specialty, we know you face a unique set of risks and challenges that impact your business every day, such as ensuring the highest quality of personnel, dealing with ever-changing government regulations and integrating the latest technologies.

As unique as your business is, comes a forward-thinking insurer that is breaking the mold and paving the way for media and leisure companies to operate safer and more efficiently. Our unique formula for success revolves around finding the most unique and customized solutions to not only protect your business but to enhance it in ways that go beyond basic coverage.

Your Insurance Options

  • Limits of up to £30m for Film, £10m for liability and £5m for Property

Packages include:

Film Production. Covering films for theatrical and/or television release, as well as commercials, corporate videos, music videos and other media.

Advertising Agents/Advertising Wrap Insurance. Covering advertising agents and/or advertisers for lost costs and expenses should a shoot be delayed or cancelled for reasons beyond their control. We also cover Death and Disgrace of a key artist.

Contingency.  Cancellation, non-appearance and prize cover provided for cancellation, abandonment, postponement or relocation of any indoor or outdoor event. We also cover non-appearance of key performers or speakers.

Event cover includes conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, ceremonies, parties, promotional events, corporate and charity events, concerts and pop tours, theatrical and stage shows, recording sessions and a wide range of sporting events. We also offer a package of Property and Liability covers for touring entertainers, promoters and events.


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Our Difference

We believe in a different approach to insurance – one that will outcompete and outperform in the industry. With a focus on select niches, we deliver deep expertise, responsiveness to customer needs, and continuous innovation. It’s what we call the ProSight Difference – and its success has been proven again and again, through market-leading growth, loss performance and brand leadership.