Contractors and Construction Program

Laying the Foundation of the Future

We take a collaborative approach in identifying and understanding the challenges from new and emerging risks allowing us create unique products for our sectors.

We are here to partner with you. We’re a unique company built from the ground up by specialists. We have extensive knowledge in construction segment. Our reputation for providing specialized solutions is combined with our uncanny knack for building one-of-a- kind products and services that can both revolutionize and protect businesses. So let’s get started and break ground today.

Our Focus

  • Property owners and managers

Your Coverage Options

  • Property and Business Interruption, however we will consider commercial combined propositions which are property biased
  • Comprehensive portfolio of risks, within the UK, Europe, Australia and Canada


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Our Difference

We work alongside MGAs, Binders, Facilities or Programmes that have a spread of risk at geographic level with limited Catastrophe Perils exposure to develop bespoke solutions to meet the ever-changing needs within the commercial market place. Our Property and Business Interruption business is written through a variety of distribution channels in the UK, Overseas, and via Lloyd's brokers.